HELP! “I Was Drunk When I Proposed To This Girl Yesterday, I Don’t Know What To Do Now”

drunk proposal

So this brother was high when he proposed to a lady he only has sex with at his friend’s birthday party yesterday.

According to him, he can’t remember his action and the girl he proposed to is excited about the proposal. Now he needs your help on how to tell the girl it wasn’t his intention.

Read what he wrote:

Yesterday was my friends birthday (still battling with the hangover right now).

Now there is this babe I knew through a friend. We’ve been 2geda for a month. I got so high with weed and vodka, i’m told I ordered the dj to stop the music that I got an important announcement to make. I knelt down and asked this babe to be my wife and mother of my kids, I have this small ring I always wear on my last finger so I guess that’s what I gave her cos I can’t find it no more.

Now the thing is this, I don’t love this babe. We both know it’s just sex and I’ve even passed her to my boss before and he fukked. I woke up this morning to see like 5 messages from her telling me how excited and happy she is for the proposal. I don’t know how to explain to her and friends that I was high when I made the proposal.


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